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Vegetable Crop Update #7

June 9th, 2014 | Filed under: Crop Updates, News

Vegetable Crop Update #7 Read full update.

Potatoes and Vitamin B6

June 5th, 2014 | Filed under: Did You Know

Looking for some vitamin B6? Look no further than your healthy, always delicious, Wisconsin Potato. One medium potato provides 10% of the recommended daily value of vitamin B6. B6 is responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism, protection from disease and sustaining energy levels. Related links:…

Local Foods: What does this mean to you?

June 3rd, 2014 | Filed under: News

Local foods, what does that actually mean?  There are many definitions, but generally people define it based on their personal beliefs and some rough, geographical information.  Some think local foods can only come from within 100 miles of one’s home.  Many others define local foods…

Behind the Scenes: The Slow Spring of 2014

May 27th, 2014 | Filed under: Growing, News

It’s May, and in the Central Sands farmers are well on their way to wrapping up potato planting!  Farmers in northern counties like Langlade, the Antigo area, and north are just getting underway.  The wind is from the south, and regular spring rains are causing…

Vegetable Crop Update #6

May 23rd, 2014 | Filed under: Crop Updates, News

Vegetable Crop Update #6 Read full update.  

Stepping Up to the Plate: Wisconsin Farmers Provide the Resources to Tackle Water Issues in Central Wisconsin

May 21st, 2014 | Filed under: News

Few now question that our planet’s resources are being challenged by our relentless population growth, and yet most of us are unable to do anything meaningful to address these far reaching issues. Water is among the most precious of these resources, and farmers in all…

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