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2011 Wisconsin Potato Crop Report: Low Yields but Good Quality

The WPVGA has estimated 2011 harvested acres at 62,000.  This estimation is a result of conversations with growers and DATCP Agricultural Statistics. Total planted acres are very similar to 2010 crop acres.  There was another slight reduction in process frozen acres and slight increases in chip potato and seed acres.  The growing season was warm and we received more rainfall than in recent years prior to 2010.  Light frost was experienced, but no hard freezing temperatures until into October.  An area of production concern was the risk of late blight.  Conditions for late blight became favorable during June and growers responded with appropriate plant treatments, preventing development of the disease in commercial fields.  At this time, no evidence of late blight problems have been reported as the crop went into storage.   For more details on Wisconsin’s 2011 potato crop, check out the December, 2011 edition of The Badger Common’Tater.

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A Lenco harvester digs spuds at Plover River Farms, Stevens Point. Wet conditions pushed the harvest season a week or two later than normal in Wisconsin in 2011.

The Badger Beat
By Dr. A.J. Bussan, UW-Madison Dept. of Horticulture
2011 Year End Review

The 2011 growing season presented many challenges to potato and vegetable producers throughout Wisconsin. Crop yield and quality reflected these challenges as yields were lower than in recent years. Quality varied by market type and variety. Dry matter was slightly lower in some varieties while sugar content and fry color has been decent. Get the full story in The Badger Beat column of the December, 2011 Badger Common’Tater magazine.

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Nick Somers was happy with the quality and size of the Russet Norkotahs in this field just north of Stevens Point.

Granted:  Wisconsin Potato Industry Receives Over $200,000

DATCP Announces Recipients of Specialty Crop Block Grants

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has announced the 21 recipients of the specialty crop block grant. This grant is possible through funding by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

Wisconsin received $977,022.39 of specialty crop block grant funding. Combined, the WPVGA and the WPIB will receive $217,200 for the following four grants:

  • Wisconsin Potato and & Vegetable Growers Association: To increase awareness and sales of Wisconsin grown potatoes through marketing strategies in grocery stores.  Grant of $31,000.
  • Wisconsin Potato Industry Board: To continue a study to improve processed potato quality by minimizing the negative effects of sugar end defect.  Grant of $85,000.
  • Wisconsin Potato Industry Board: To continue a study to assess soil fumigation and fumigation alternatives in Wisconsin potato production.   Grant of $21,200.
  • Wisconsin Potato Industry Board: To continue to develop potato production systems with drip irrigation and bed configuration to improve efficiency of water and resource use.  Grant of $80,000.

Read the complete article in the December, 2011 issue of The Badger Common’Tater.

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