Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

Interview with Albert Wada

A founding group of fresh potato growers began a process in September of 2004 to develop a cooperative company, owned and controlled by its members. The non-profit cooperative, United Potato Growers, has the following mission statement: We bring order and stability to the potato industry and increase our economic potential by the effective use of cooperative principles. We work with other segments of our industry to find opportunities to develop synergies and partnerships.

Taking control of their futures, United members believe in actively and
strategically managing the market. United members agree to an acreage management program because they believe that is the best way to ensure that potato supplies are managed to current demand. Working collaboratively and sharing specific data, United growers know that managing supplies, avoiding overproduction and complying with planting agreements are critical. The acreage management program includes a mechanism to track compliance. In addition, United’s national Board of Directors and member co-op leaders have all agreed to set the example and participate in an audit of their own fields, because as leaders they recognize the need for accountability.

Albert Wada of Wada Farms, Pingree, Idaho, is a second-generation potato farmer and grows russet potatoes for seed, fresh, and process usage. Wada Farms operates 30,000 irrigated acres, a modern fresh pack plant, and a marketing company. He is the Chairman of United Potato Growers of Idaho, and also the Chairman of United Potato Growers of America. Read More about Albert Wada.

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