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Interview with Cliff Gagas

Cliff GagasFor Cliff Gagas, you could say that farming is all in the family.

Cliff’s grandfather, Henry Gagas Sr., started farming in 1931. Cliff’s mother and father, Don and Irene Gagas, bought land in 1957 and joined an informal partnership with Cliff’s grandfather. When Henry Sr. retired in 1973, Cliff’s uncle, Henry Jr., took over the partnership.

Clifford worked on the farm all his life, buying his first piece of land in 1977 at the age of 21. Cliff’s brother, Gene, joined the farm in 1980. The informal partnership was terminated in 1982, and Gagas Farms, Inc. was established with Don and Irene, Cliff and Gene. In 1982, they farmed 240 acres; today they farm about 2,000 acres. Years ago, Gagas Farms had a small registered dairy herd along with some beef cattle; they sold out of the dairy business in 1989 and expanded the beef herd to its current size of 250 head.

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