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Interview with Curt Soik

Curt SoikThe farm known today as Myron Soik & Sons, Inc. started out as a dairy operation in the early 1900s in the Custer, Wisconsin area. The Soik family switched to raising vegetables in 1947. The farm drilled its first well and started irrigating in 1956. The operation has steadily grown since then to the present day, adapting new technology as it presents itself. The Soiks now raise 2,800 acres of potatoes and vegetables in Portage and Waushara counties.

Today, the farm along with the sales desk and packing shed are run by President Myron Soik, and his sons who serve as Vice Presidents:  Curt, Mark and Bruce. Myron’s daughter Lynda Schroeder serves as Office Manager, while Ron Gosh is the Sales Manager.

Read more of our March 2012 interview with Curt Soik.

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