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Interview with Dan Hafner

Interview with Dan HafnerDan Hafner has been working on his family’s potato farm since he was old enough to do chores as a grade-schooler. He has worked on the farm full time since graduating from Antigo High School in 1980 and is now the Associate Vice President of Hafner Seed Farms.

Hafner is a name very familiar to anyone associated with the Wisconsin certified seed potato industry. Dan’s father, John Hafner, is the President of Hafner Seed Farms. John worked on his father’s dairy and potato farm for many years, before taking over, selling the cows and focusing on potatoes in the mid-1950s. John’s wife, Lee (Dan’s mother), serves as the farm’s Treasurer. Dave Hafner (Dan’s brother) works alongside Dan as an Associate Vice President. Dave’s son, Kevin, also works on the farm, serving as Secretary, while Dave’s wife, Patty currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Potato Growers Auxiliary. Dan’s brother, Rick, and sister, Dianna (Kessler) work as inspectors for the Wisconsin Certified Seed Potato Program based in Antigo.

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