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Interview with Dan Heider

When it comes to killing weeds and killing potato vines, members of the Wisconsin potato and vegetable growing industry are fortunate to have the services of Dan Heider at their disposal. In fact, Heider has been multi-tasking for quite a few years now.

Since 1996, Heider has worked as an Outreach Specialist in the UW-Madison Department of Horticulture Integrated Pest Management Program. He was named a Senior Outreach Specialist in 2004, and his position appointment has three primary areas: 35% Crop Diagnostic Training Center & Integrated Pest Management Outreach, with responsibilities for the design and implementation of multi-disciplinary and inter-departmental hands-on and in-field educational programming; 35% IR-4 Minor Crops Pesticide Research Center, where he serves as state co-liaison and field research director for national pesticide residue field trials; and 30% Pesticide Use and Risk Reduction Research, where he conducts herbicide efficacy trials evaluating potential pesticide uses in a wide range of minor crops.

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