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Interview with Dan Mills

Dan MillsPotato grower Ray Keenan recently installed a new AgRay Vision sizing machine in the packing shed at his farm, Rollo Bay Holdings, LLC in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Kennan raises 1,000 acres of primarily russet potatoes and packs for many of the P.E.I. potato growers who raise about 84,000 acres of potatoes each year.

“It is a decision we are very happy about,” Kennan said. “I’ve lowered my maintenance cost and increased the accuracy in sizing. I have shape grading and interior detection all in one. We are just having incredible results. We look forward to adding more lanes in the future.”

AgRay Vision is built on years of experience in the potato sorting industry. The company features a second generation sizer from the Cope Company which was founded in 1956.

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