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Interview with Dick Pavelski

01 01 14 - Dick PavelskiDick Pavelski is a 4th generation farmer whose roots date back to 1873 when his great-grandfather, August Pavelski, emigrated from Poland. The farm he worked on when he was younger had some dairy cows as well as potatoes and vegetables. Today, Dick serves as the CEO/Owner of Heartland Farms, Inc., one of the largest growers of chipping potatoes in the nation with over 18,000 acres of potatoes and vegetables.

In 1979, Dick recognized there was a need for a dedicated full service independent fertilizer and chemical supplier/applicator in Central Wisconsin who could meet the current and future needs of the agricultural industry, so he decided to build Pavelski Enterprises. Many of the technologies that are being used today were developed in that business. Dick worked with the Stennis Space Center and explored utilizing satellite imagery for precision applications. He helped pioneer many of the soil sampling techniques and variable rate application equipment that built a foundation for what you see today. Pavelski Enterprises’ sales grew to over $21 million annually. In 1990, Pavelski Enterprises was sold to Growmark and Richard pursued means to become more involved in the growing of crops once again.

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