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Interview with Randy Van Haren

In 2003, Dr. Walt Stevenson and Dr. Zahi Atallah of the University of Wisconsin Department of Plant Pathology began work in the area of using molecular techniques to detect and quantify the level of various pathogens in potato tubers. They have successfully completed their
detection methodology work and are continuing to answer the questions related to field sampling strategies.

Pest Pros Inc., an independent crop consulting firm and plant disease diagnostic lab operating in the Central Sands of Wisconsin since 1984 has teamed up with Dr. Stevenson’s lab to help make the jump from a research project to a realistic working program for growers. Pest Pros has invested in real time PCR (polymerase chain reaction)
technology to make this new technology useful to potato growers and storage managers.

Read the entire interview with Randy Van Haren Jan 2007.

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