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Interview with Scott Parr

Wagner Farms of Grand Marsh, Wisconsin has areputation for doing an outstanding job of harvesting potatoes. The farm has ranked among the best in terms of bruise-free readings at McCain Foods’ Plover factory year after year.

Owned by Harvey Wagner and his nephew, Scott Parr, the farm raises 3,000 acres of vegetables and grain including potatoes, field corn, sweet corn, snap beans, seed corn, soybeans, winter wheat and peas. The 600 acres of fresh, frozen process and chipping potatoes include Russet Burbanks, Goldrush, Silvertons, Snowdens and White Pearls. The farm also maintains
a herd of beef cattle.

Scott Parr has been the Farm Manager at Wagner Farms for the past 20 years.
A graduate of UW-Platteville with a degree in Agribusiness, Parr worked as
a Credit and Grain Manager at Pavelski Enterprises in the 1980s before
joining the farm full-time in 1990.

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