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Central Sands Aquifer

April 10th, 2014 | Posted in: Did You Know

The Central Sands Aquifer holds one of the world’s largest groundwater reserves. The aquifer averages 100 feet in depth.

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For more information on Wisconsin Aquifers, please review this brochure: http://dnr.wi.gov/education/documents/groundwater/AquifersApril2006.pdf

Two studies of the Central Sands concludes that the Sands include parts of 8 Wisconsin Counties:

  1. Most of Portage County
  2. Most of Waushara County
  3. The western three-quarters of Waupaca County
  4. The NW two-thirds of Marquette County
  5. The Eastern half of Adams County
  6. The SE corner of Wood County
  7. The SE corner of Marathon County
  8. The SW corner of Shawano County – only the Smail study includes this portion of Shawano County

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