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Disease Supplement #3

July 21st, 2015 | Posted in: Crop Updates, News

Website Crop Update Feature ImageThis disease supplement #3 is offered to alert growers of the positive detection of downy mildew on cucumber and cantaloupe from Dane County. This is the first detection of cucurbit downy mildew in WI for 2015. Disease was in a very low level and in small acreage, relatively. Fungicides had been applied in this crop for the past 2 weeks.

Please be aware of symptoms and proactive fungicides. See attached for more information.

Also, I wanted to follow up on a few question regarding Ridomil. The Ridomil Gold SL label does allow use in the drip irrigation system for Phytophthora and Pythium control on a number of vegetable crops including cole crops, tomatoes, and cucurbits.

Read full update.

Amanda Gevens

Potato & Vegetable Pathologist

University of Wisconsin

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