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Online Water Steward Course

March 18th, 2020 | Posted in: Uncategorized

Sign up is now occurring for an online Water Stewards Course built in the CANVAS format for self-paced education.  Participants must sign up by March 27th to be included in this session.  The six module, self-guided course focuses mainly on water quantity issues within Wisconsin, however, water quality is also discussed in many of the modules since water quantity and quality are closely linked.  The overall course goals are to:

1) use science-based vocabulary, terms and approaches for developing and implementing water conservation and stewardship practices;

2) employ optimal water use efficiency tools in water stewardship planning; and

3) implement water conservation strategies that provide multiple benefits (e.g. environmental benefits, best management practices, water quality/quantity approaches, economic viability).

Each topic includes specialist education (video, written and downloadable) and includes an extra video from growers or specialists to talk about how that topic would be utilized in a field setting.   Six Certified Crop Advisor credits (4 for soil and water, 2 for sustainability) are available for participants upon completion of the course.

To sign up for the course, please contact the course moderator, Deana Knuteson ([email protected], 608-347-8236) who will add you to the system and let you start the process.

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