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Position Vacancy: Potato and Vegetable Storage Research Facility Manager

June 12th, 2014 | Posted in: News

Position Vacancy-SRF Manager

The Hancock Agricultural Research Station is located in Waushara County in the part of Wisconsin know as the “Golden Sands”. The station’s sandy soils, most of which are irrigated, are representative of almost 2.5 million acres of sandy plain in central Wisconsin. Field research at the Hancock station focuses on irrigated vegetable and field crops. The Hancock station is also home to the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Storage Research Facility (SRF). The facility contains 18 specialized storage units for conducting potato and vegetable storage research. These units include bulk bins for storing bulk-piled potatoes mimicking commercial storage, and lockers for storing pallets. This position’s primary responsibility will be to oversee and coordinate activities within the SRF and to assist with other management responsibilities for the Hancock Station.

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