Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

Adding Value to Membership; Assisting in Grower Success

For 12 years, the United Potato Growers Cooperative of Wisconsin has worked to make sure that Wisconsin potato growers earn money at growing potatoes. To date, Wisconsin leads the nation in returns back to the grower.

While a vision and desire to maintain that status continues, the Wisconsin Cooperative is bringing the value of membership with the organization to new levels.

For the 2017 crop, new and returning members to the Wisconsin Cooperative will receive a 50% discount on their membership dues for the year.

United of Wisconsin is also privileged to be working with various partners in the industry such as AMVAC in conducting their product demonstration program and Warner and Warner in offering a 1% rebate on sales back to United members.

It is a pleasure to welcome Jay-Mar as a partner in offering a rebate on select products to United of Wisconsin members at the end of the year. Jay-Mar’s rebate plan offers a 2% return on the purchase of the following products:

  • Yield Boost – Foliar fertilizer
  • First Response – Foliar fertilizer
  • Mic-Ro-Pac – Foliar fertilizer
  • Grow + – Foliar fertilizer
  • Interra – Humic and fulvic acid
  • Artista – Humic and fulvic acid/mycorrhizae/carbohydrates/amino acids
  • Phosphyter – Foliar fertilizer with phosphite
  • Chameleon – Spreader-sticker
  • Impact – Organosilicone spreader
  • Meth-N-Oil – Methylated seed oil penetrant

Other companies are considering rebate programs of their own for United of Wisconsin members. Stay tuned for future updates.

If you are interested in membership with the United Potato Growers Cooperative of Wisconsin or have questions, please contact Dana Rady at 715-623-7683 or [email protected].

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