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Agri-Business Scholarship Application

Since 1990, the Portage County Business Council has been able to award scholarships from money raised at the Annual SPUD BOWL event. Criteria for consideration of an Agri-Business Scholarship requires the following:

  1. The recipient must be a resident of Portage County.
  2. The recipient must properly complete the formal application.
  3. The recipient’s course of study must be in an agricultural related field.
  4. The recipient must have a least a high school senior ranking.
  5. The recipient must meet the entry requirements of the selected accredited Wisconsin school of higher education (grade point average, etc.);


  1. The recipient must attend an accredited Wisconsin school of higher education as a full-time student.

Other criteria include extracurricular activities and community service. Recipients are selected from applications submitted to the Portage Council Business Council office.

Some of the information requested may be considered personal or confidential. You may choose not to provide such information; however, the selection committee making granting decisions requests information on your financial status since Agri-Business Scholarships may be partially based on financial need.

Click here for scholarship application.

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