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Agronomist Seeks Employment

My name is Ronak Joshi and I am an alumna of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Crop Science program. I am writing to see if we can arrange a brief informational discussion, as I am seeking an Agronomist role in the industry and would greatly appreciate your perspectives and insights.

To give you some background about me, I am currently working as an Assistant Agronomist with Gold Dust Potato Processors, Inc. And I also have extensive experience in Agronomy while working as an Agronomy intern with Black Gold Farms, Maryland. Throughout my 2 years of experience in the crop science industry, I have demonstrated the following skills:  ‪

  • Expertise in field scouting and data management ‪
  • Proficiency with execution of research trials and leadership skill

I look forward to hearing from you. ‪Thank you for your consideration and time.

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