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AMVAC Issues 2ee Restriction on In Furrow Use of Blocker 4F

AMVAC is aware of a few instances in 2014 where potatoes treated with Blocker had residues above the established US tolerance.  AMVAC is researching the potential cause and conducting a study this year to confirm the approved use pattern will not yield residues above tolerance.  Until the work is complete, we have issued the attached 2ee restricting the in furrow use of Blocker 4F to potatoes that grade higher than 4 ounces or potatoes going to processing.

When BLOCKER 4F is applied as an in-furrow application it can only be on fresh market potatoes that grade at higher than 4 ounces or potatoes going to processing, chippers, or seed potatoes.  If BLOCKER 4F is used in-furrow on anything other than those types of potatoes, potatoes should be tested before selling them as AMVAC cannot insure they will be below the established US tolerance.  There is no such restriction on BLOCKER 4F foliar application nor for BLOCKER 10G.

Blocker 4F 2ee

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