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APRE Restructure

During the Potatoes USA Summer Meeting held in Seattle August 10, it was announced that the Alliance for Potato Research and Education (APRE) has been restructured in an effort to minimize overhead costs and expand research on potato nutrition. The decision was made by the APRE board of directors in a May 2016 meeting following a five-month strategic planning process. As a part of the refocused effort, the physical location of APRE was discontinued to enhance funding for research, particularly in the area of clinical trials which will be an integral part of building the case for the inclusion of potatoes in all forms as part of a healthy diet.

To support the strategic plans objectives, the APRE board retained FoodMinds to help manage and execute the organization’s new goals. The firm is a food and nutrition communications and consulting company that works to transform the way opinion leaders think about food, nutrition and health. In addition to 35 employees, it regularly calls upon an extensive network of nutrition affairs experts around the globe to assist in the execution of its clients’ missions. Other agricultural clients include or have included avocadoes, eggs and blueberries.

Potatoes USA has been and continues to play a significant role on the APRE board and will continue funding this important investment on behalf of the potato industry. We are excited about the direction of the organization and to support the future research and education efforts to be facilitated by APRE.

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