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Bring Your Biggest Weed to Farm Technology Days

The weed experts from the University of Wisconsin-Extension will be on duty to consult with crop and livestock producers, home owners, gardeners, hobby farmers and others about weed-related questions at Farm Technology Days next month in Dane County.

Live weed specimens will be on display at the Weed Doctor’s booth to help sharpen your weed identification skills. If you have a weed, but don’t know its name, bring it in and the weed experts will identify it for you.

If you have a green thumb at growing weeds, bring in your biggest weed to see if it’s a winner in the Wisconsin Biggest Weed Contest.

UW-Extension Weed Specialists say any kind of weed is eligible, with daily prizes going to the biggest weed brought in on that day. The largest weed winners will be scored by multiplying the weed’s height by the maximum width when held in its normal growth form.

Weeds must be cut at soil level. They must be donated to the experts and remain on display throughout Farm Technology Days.

To enter the contest, bring your weeds to the Progress Pavilion before 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday during Farm Technology Days.

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