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Counties Sought to Host 2018 Alice in Dairyland Finals

State coordinators that work with the Alice in Dairyland program in Wisconsin are in the process of accepting bids from a county or counties to host the program’s finals weekend in 2018. Local economic development organizations and agricultural promotion organizations are encouraged to consider this opportunity to welcome visitors and media professionals from around the state.

“Our partnership with the Alice in Dairyland program has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience,” said Robert Kaiser, co-chair of the 2016 Alice in Dairyland Finals Steering Committee. “This team effort extended beyond members of our various Alice in Dairyland Committees and included the many businesses that support agriculture in Dodge and surrounding counties.”

Each year, a different county hosts the Alice in Dairyland selection. The process includes a three-day finals event, as well as a two-day briefing tour several weeks before finals.

Alice in Dairyland is a communications professional employed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture. After a weeks-long public job interview involving as many as six finalists, each Alice works for one year to educate the public about Wisconsin agriculture.

This year’s selection of the 69th Alice in Dairyland will be May 5-7 in Dodge County. For more details about the process, call the DATCP at 608-224-5115.

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