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Grower Information Request for Spudmobile Exhibit Update

As you know, the Spudmobile just began its 5th year on the road in August; a true accomplishment and one that has been highly successful for the Wisconsin potato industry, especially in educating consumers.

In an effort to keep things up to date and exciting, discussions are underway to update certain areas of the Spudmobile, specifically, the exterior wrap as well as the Grower Map Exhibit on the inside.

The Grower Map is currently a static exhibit that has pictures of growers while also showing where potato seed, process and fresh potatoes come from across the state. The map also points out the location of our three research stations in Rhinelander, Antigo and Hancock.

The WPVGA Promotions Committee would like to update this exhibit and make it interactive. The updated exhibit will include a touch screen that allows visitors to touch the name of a grower or area of the state and have information pop up about that area and the farm(s) in that area. Visitors will also be able to touch a specific grower name and see information about that particular farm. This is where help from the industry comes in.

We would like all Wisconsin growers across the industry to be featured in the updated interactive exhibit. Being a part of this exhibit is a great way to further reach and educate consumers about the great work they do to provide food for families.

To be a part of the exhibit, please complete the Grower Map Exhibit Information Request Form and email it along with high-resolution images to Dana Rady by Friday, December 14. If you have questions about the form, information or images, please contact Dana at 715-623-7683.

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