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High Cap Well Bill Moves on to the Governor and Potato Bills Clear the Senate

Tuesday, May 2nd at around 8:00 p.m. with a vote of 62-35, the State Assembly concurred in Senate Bill 76, the legislation allowing high capacity well owners to repair, replace, reconstruct and transfer ownership of their wells without additional DNR approval and directing the DNR to study specific areas in the Central Sands.

The debate was similar to the debate that we heard in the Senate and the Democrats did offer a couple of amendments. Most of the criticism was on the process (i.e., the paper ballot in the Senate and no executive session in the Assembly committee). SB 76 now moves to the Governor for his review and signature.

Earlier in the day, the State Senate approved both the potato late blight (SB 20) and the certified seed potato legislation (SB 23) on a voice vote. We are still working to get the Assembly Ag Committee to hold a hearing on these two bills this spring, so they can be taken to the Assembly floor for final passage during the fall session.

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