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Irrigation Management in Wisconsin (A3600-01) Now Available on the Learning Store

Newly revised and available on the Learning Store:

Irrigation Management in Wisconsin—The Wisconsin Irrigation Scheduling Program (WISP) (A3600-01)
By Scott Sanford and John Panuska

Successful irrigation management uses a combination of rainfall and applied water to conserve energy, reduce cost and protect groundwater. Most of the areas in Wisconsin that are under sprinkler irrigation have sandy soils with groundwater that is close to the surface, so the potential for groundwater contamination by nitrates and pesticides is high. The Wisconsin Irrigation Scheduling Program (WISP) is a research-based program that uses a water budget approach to irrigation scheduling much like balancing a checkbook. It is available online at [wisp.cals.wisc.edu]  (2015, 16 pages).

You can view, download, or order this publication on the Learning Store at: Irrigation Management in Wisconsin

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