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Meet Researchers Addressing Industry Challenges at Potato Expo

Researchers are addressing many of the challenges faced by the potato industry, from viruses to improved breeding methods. The 2017 Poster Session provides the opportunity to learn about what leading scientists are doing to tackle knowledge gaps in the potato industry.  Discuss one-on-one with leading researchers how their findings can help you overcome breeding, field and marketing hurdles.

The just announced 2017 posters, coordinated by the Potato Association of America, will include:

  • Breeding for Resistance to Columbia Root Knot Nematode in Potato
  • Crystal Green Grower Trials
  • Distribution and Management of Fungicide-resistant Strains of the Potato Pink Rot Pathogen
  • Effect of Metconazole on Disease Control and Yield in Potatoes
  • Growing Potatoes Profitably for Organic Dry Matter Production in Western Nebraska
  • Identifying New Frozen Fry Varieties that Perform Consistently Across Different Production Regions
  • Improved Breeding Methods for Skin Set and Color in Red Fresh Market Potatoes
  • National Chip Processing Trials: Continuing Progress
  • Nitrogen Fertilizer Use and Expression of Key Enzymes Associated with Reducing Sugar Accumulation in Potato Tubers During Storage
  • Quarantined Pale Cyst Nematode, Globodera pallida Trap Crop Research in a Challenging Environment
  • Reducing Irrigation Water Use for Early Tuber Bulking and Maximum Tuber Yield of Russet Potato
  • Reinventing Potato at the Diploid Level
  • Screening Potato Breeding Clones and Varieties for Resistance to Three Potato Cyst Nematode Species
  • Sensitivity of Commercial Potato Cultivars to Tuber Necrosis Caused by Tobacco Rattle and Potato Mop Top Viruses
  • Understanding Blemish Problems to Improve Marketing of Fresh Potatoes
  • Understanding the Maturity of New Potato Varieties
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