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New ‘Innovation Square’ to Debut at Farm Tech Days

Visitors to this year’s Wisconsin Farm Technology Days in Dane County will be able to check out the new ‘Innovation Square’ display in the center of Tent City. Farmer-inventors and other exhibitors will be showing off their innovations in the designated area, which will range from modifications to existing pieces of machinery to completely new inventions.

WFTD General Manager Matt Glewen say 11 companies and university officials will be part of the new featured area, which will be about the size of a football field.

“Hopefully it will be a central focus of the show,” Glewen said. “A lot of times when people go to Farm Technology Days they see things that are pretty much the same as the previous year. This should be something that livens things up a little bit.”

Each of the exhibitors will have access to a 20-by-20-foot tent and space surrounding the tent for larger equipment displays. Some of the commercial exhibitors will include Mid-State Equipment, Deaton Nutrition Inc., Alforex Seeds, FMC Agricultural Solutions, Soil Regeneration Unlimited, Kuhn North America Inc., Rockford Maps, YES/JCB, Rinstrum Smart Weighing, and the UW-Madison Department of Biological Systems Engineering.

Farm Technology Days will be held August 25-27 at Statz Brothers Farm near Sun Prairie.

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