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Potato Performance Nutrition Message Testing Shows Potential

As part of Potatoes USA’s continued commitment to understand marketplace sentiment and evaluate messaging, a research study was conducted to understand how food attributes impact overall health and performance perceptions. This study consisted of a series of one-on-one interviews and large-scale quantitative research with consumers, nutrition professionals and performance athletes. The goal of this research was to identify where the opportunities lie for future nutrition messaging by Potatoes USA.

One of the key research findings identified that while consumers experiment with different ways to increase physical performance, 50% agreed that potatoes have a positive effect. Nutrition Influencers reacted positively and enthusiastically to potatoes as a performance food, agreeing that adding this vegetable to your diet will help those looking to increase physical performance. Adding to this praise, potatoes received credit for providing pre-workout fuel and recovery with post-workout energy.

While the above attributes rose to the top of the list in terms of why Nutrition Influencers and Performance Consumers were eating potatoes, there was another level of excitement and enthusiasm around potassium. Many were surprised to learn just how much potassium is in a potato, especially one consumer who stated, “I didn’t realize potatoes provided all of those nutrients. I would have had a potato before my latest bike ride instead.” The appeal, believability, and motivation to eat potatoes seems to increase with this added knowledge.

Potatoes USA sees great potential in this messaging moving forward, as both Food Enthusiasts and Athletes have similar attitudes regarding diet and how it impacts their performance and health and wellness. The excitement around good carbohydrates and potassium demonstrates just how motivating these attributes can be when speaking to these groups and will become the foundation for Potatoes USA’s nutrition messaging.

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