Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

Potatoes USA Sponsors Hands on Fruit & Vegetable Training at PMA Foodservice Conference

Potatoes USA was one of five sponsors that showcased their products during a hands-on training in preparation and usage seminar.  The special training course was attended by 48 chefs, foodservice operators and buyers, distributors and culinary students.  TK Kuwahara, Global Marketing Manager for Foodservice, provided background on Potatoes USA, the U.S. potato industry, potato varieties and products and new innovate uses of potatoes in U.S. foodservice.  Chef and Associate Culinary Director Kevin Appel, from the Sterling Rice Group, provided the hands-on training.  He prepared roasted wedges of russet, red, purple, yellow and white potatoes that the participants were then able to taste with three different seasoning mixtures that highlighted the different flavor profiles.  Participants were able to learn a short-cut for preparing Hasselback-style potatoes, by using chop sticks while cutting into the potato.  All participants had cutting boards, knives and fresh potatoes available that allowed them to work with potatoes, as well as taste the rich diversity in flavors among the different varieties and seasonings.

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