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Salad Bar Challenge Speedometer: 118 Donations and USPB Matches!

salad_bar_leaderboard_9-30-15_400_01 118 salad bars have been donated so far (including United States Potato Board (USPB) donation matches).

Potato Friendly Salad Bar Challenge Leaderboard: Northwest Still First

The Northwest (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington) leads the field with 48 donated and USPB matched salad bars.

North Central (Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin—along with Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and South Dakota) ranks second with 28 donated and USPB matched salad bars.

Allied Industry Partners (associated industry businesses and organizations providing research, goods and services) ranks third with 12 donated and USPB matched salad bars.

Southwest (California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah) ranks fourth with 10 donated and USPB matched salad bars.

Northeast (Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island) ties for fifth with South Central (Colorado, Nebraska, Texas—along with Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming), respectively, with eight donated and USPB matched salad bars.

Southeast (Florida, North Carolina, Virginia—along with Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia) is seventh with two donated and USPB matched salad bars, and Importers (businesses importing potatoes to the United States) last with zero donated salad bars..

Students in grades K-12 eat over 5 billion school lunches each year, and one more serving of potatoes equates to 3,750,000 cwt FWE. For every salad bar donated, the USPB plans to match the donation. Sign up today and join the challenge or email questions to [email protected].

For more information, visit the Salad Bar Challenge! and Potatoes Raise the Bar web pages.

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