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Soil, Water & Nutrient Management

The Department of Soil Science, in conjunction with University of Wisconsin-Cooperative Extension will host eight Soil, Water, & Nutrient Management Meetings around the state, starting December 2 through December 11. The purpose of these meetings is to provide research updates in the field of soil fertility, nutrient management, soil and water conservation, and water quality.

Discussion topics will include research updates on improving alfalfa productivity with sulfur, nitrogen sensors for corn and wheat, precision ag technologies for soil conservation and variable rate practices, 2014 cover crop research, understanding biological measures of soil health, using soil health concepts for management decisions, understanding corn residue decomposition, nutrient management, prioritizing water quality improvement efforts on agricultural lands using EVAL tool (Erosion Vulnerability Assessment for Agricultural Lands).

Speakers include and Francisco Arriaga, Brian Luck, Matt Ruark, and Carrie Laboski from UW-Madison as well as Wis. DATCP staff and Teresa Nelson.

A total of 4 CEU=s have been requested (2 CEUs in Soil & Water Management and 2 CEUs in Nutrient Management).

Each meeting will begin at 10:00 am and end at 3:00 pm. A $40.00 registration fee includes lunch from 12 noon to 1 pm and informational material. Noon meal reservations should be made with the host agent.

Organizers request participants to pre-register with the host agent at least 1 week before the meeting they wish to attend.

The schedule for the 2014 Soil, Water, & Nutrient Management Meetings is:

Dec. 2, Madison – contact Jennifer Blazek, 608-224-3717
Dec. 3, Sparta – contact Bill Halfman, 608-269-8722
Dec. 4, Eau Claire – contact Mark Hagedorn, 715-839-4712
Dec. 5, Marshfield – contact Don Genrich/Lynn Dolata, 608-339-4237
Dec. 8, Juneau – contact Sheri Lotzer, 920-386-3791
Dec. 9, Kiel – contact Mike Ballweg, 920-459-5904
Dec. 10, Cecil – contact Jamie Patton, 715-526-6136
Dec. 11, Dodgeville – contact Gene Schriefer, 608-930-9850

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