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State Crops Get a Week of Traditional Summer Weather

Temperatures across the state of Wisconsin were pretty close to average for late July last week, as hot and humid conditions allowed farmers to bale hay and harvest oats. At the same time, corn and soybeans were soaking up the heat and progressing well through their pollination cycles–though timely rain will be needed soon, according to the latest crop/weather summary by the state’s agriculture department.

Reporters statewide commented that crops were in great condition overall. On average, topsoil moistures were rated 19 percent short to very short, compared to nine percent the previous week. Some reporters noted that crops on light soils were in need of moisture.

As of Sunday, about 59 percent of the corn had reached the silking stage or beyond. The corn crop was rated 82 percent good to excellent, compared to 83 percent the previous week.

Sixty-seven percent of soybeans were at or beyond the blooming stage statewide, which is slightly ahead of last year and the five-year average. Another 28 percent of soybeans had begun setting pods; with 84 percent of the crop was rated good to excellent.

Most of the oats have now begun turning color, just over a week ahead of last year. The oat crop was 12 percent harvested as of this past weekend, with 83 percent rated in good to excellent.

Six percent of potatoes have been harvested statewide. And 98 percent of winter wheat has turned color. Winter Wheat was 22 percent harvested, 1 day ahead of last year.

Lastly, the second cutting of alfalfa was 91 percent harvested and the third cutting of alfalfa was 20 percent off the group. This haying season continues at the second fastest pace in more than 35 years, trailing only 2012.

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