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Steve Diercks Replaces George Kraft on Groundwater Coordinating Council

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced on Wednesday, Nov. 19 that WPVGA Hall of Fame potato grower Steve Diercks of Coloma Farms has been appointed to the state’s Groundwater Coordinating Council, replacing George Kraft as the Governor’s Representative.

The Groundwater Coordinating Council (GCC) was created and is directed by s. 160.50, Wis. Stats., to “serve as a means of increasing the efficiency and facilitating the effective functioning of state agencies in activities related to groundwater management. The Groundwater Coordinating Council shall advise and assist state agencies in the coordination of non-regulatory programs and the exchange of information related to groundwater, including, but not limited to, agency budgets for groundwater programs, groundwater monitoring, data management, public information and education, laboratory analysis and facilities, research activities and the appropriation and allocation of state funds for research.”

The Groundwater Coordinating Council also prepares an annual report to the legislature each year that summarizes the operations and activities of the council, describes the state of the groundwater resource and its management, and makes recommendations.

Assistant Gubernatorial Appointments Director Elizabeth Hizmi said in correspondence to Diercks, “We appreciate your willingness to serve and look forward to your leadership on the council.”

Upon his appointment, Diercks said “I will do my best to do a good job representing the agricultural side of groundwater on this Council.”

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