Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

The Spuds of Summer: Supermarket RD Outreach

The USPB kicked-off the Lighten Up summer season with distribution of the fifth Supermarket Registered Dietitian (SRD) e-mail of FY15 to a proprietary database of nearly 500 SRDs. With countless summer barbeques ahead, the USPB asked SRDs to encourage their shoppers to look for white, yellow and purple/blue potatoes for grilling, or reds, fingerlings or petite potatoes for a colorful potato salad. The e-newsletter also highlighted findings from the USPB’s latest Attitudes & Usage study and a Potato Lovers Club blogger-created recipe for Warm Dijon-Roasted Asparagus & Potato Salad with a downloadable recipe card, perfect for in-store use.

SRDs are a very important audience for the USPB to reach, as they are responsible for communications to Food Enthusiasts in a venue that we know they frequent: the grocery store. If you are not already receiving the USPB’s seasonal SRD emails, please contact USPB Global Consumer Marketing Manager Meredith Myers at [email protected] or 303-369-7783 to ensure you are on the distribution list.

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