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The WPVGA Water Task Force Needs Your Help to Continue Our Data Collection

The WPVGA Water Task Force is continuing its efforts to collect well depth data for high capacity wells. This is very important to the industry and we ask that you please take time to review the attached documents and participate in collecting data for your wells. We need these measurements to be taken on a regular basis. It is important to our process that you take a reading in the spring and again in the fall (at a minimum).

We are building a data base using this information. It is critical that we have these measurements so we can apply the information to our other research areas in an effort to learn more about aquifer fluctuations and recharge as it relates to surface water. The diversity across our state helps us significantly. We want to continue receiving data from all corners of the state as it enhances what we understand about groundwater and recharge.

We have created a system of reporting using electronic devices. If you are ready to report using that method please contact Josh Knights of Heartland Farms at [email protected] and we will connect you with the right technical persons to get you set up.

This work has great value and has generated much interest at the state level. We prepare and release periodic updates regarding the ongoing work and the results of these studies. Please know that your information will be kept completely confidential and is for the sole purpose of the WPVGA Water Task Force Committee’s efforts to address the groundwater issues in Wisconsin.

Please contact the WPVGA with your questions. Thank you for your cooperation with this important project.

Tamas Houlihan   Jeremie Pavelski

WPVGA Well Water Monitoring Protocol

Water Level Indicator CPR-E5003C-W Cutsheet

Well Depth Monitoring Blank Spreadsheet

Hicap Well Monitoring Agreement of the WPVGA

Hicap Well Depth Letter

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