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  1. Confused on FSMA compliance dates? FDA recently published a graphic that lays out FSMA compliance dates.
  2. Want to submit a comment in response to FDA on the proposed 2-year delay in the ag water testing provision, but not sure how, or what to say? See the last 2 attachments below: one has the link and instructions on how to comment; the other is a short and sweet template that can use to craft a comment, if you wish.
  3. FDA has finalized their sampling assignment for fresh herbs (cilantro, basil and parsley) and “processed avocado” and guacamole. See the 2 attachments. General info on micro sampling and previous assignments can be found here.
  4. FDA and CDC recently published a report on produce-associated outbreaks looking for patterns of illness distribution based on whether produce was grown in the US or imported. I expect that when there is an outbreak of unknown origin in the future, they will look at where illnesses are occurring, and focus inspection & sampling at certain ports of entry based on the patterns described in this article.
  5. The FAO, in collaboration with IICA, recently published a food traceability guidance document targeted toward the Caribbean. It provides 140 pp of straightforward, basic information that would be good for someone with little understanding of or exposure to traceability.
  6. Finally if you didn’t get a spot in the Listeria workshop in Yuma, consider attending the next round in Miami FL, Jan 31-Feb 1, done in partnership with PMA and our regional partner FFVA.


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