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United Potato Growers Cooperative of Wisconsin Planting Intentions

On an annual basis, the United Potato Growers Cooperative of Wisconsin conducts a count of Wisconsin’s potato acres in order to maintain accurate records of the state’s production.

In an effort to get a glimpse of what the potato acreage will be going into the 2016 crop, the United Potato Growers Cooperative of Wisconsin is asking for members and non-members alike to turn in their planting intentions. Doing so will contribute to information that is valuable for everyone in the industry.

Rest assured your individual data will be kept private.  Only the composite summary will be shared. If your planting plans are not yet finalized, please send your best estimate to date.

Submit this Planting Intentions Form to Dana Rady via email ([email protected]) or Fax (715-623-3176) by January 31, 2015. Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Planting Intentions Form

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