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University of Wisconsin Storage Research Facility Planning 2018-2019 Storage Research Season

The University of Wisconsin Storage Research Facility is currently planning the 2018-2019 storage research season and wants to hear from you!  Built in 2006, this state of the art facility contains nine-2,000 cwt bulk storages, nine storage lockers, 1,000 pound mini-bulk storage boxes, a processing lab, and a quality assurance lab.  We collaborate with UW-Madison faculty, industry partners and potato and vegetable growers across the state.  If you have a storage research project you would like to sponsor or a request for research you would like to see conducted at our facility, please contact Troy Fishler or Amber Gotch at 715-249-5961.  At this time, we have bulk, locker and 1,000 pound mini-bulk storage options available for the coming storage season.

Additionally, the UW’s Storage Research Facility offers laboratory services to growers, researchers and industry, including potato quality assessment.  Present services include quantification of sugar concentrations (in-season chemical maturity and storage sugar profiling), chip HunterLab color, fry sample Photovolt reflectance values, and specific gravity as well as high quality photo documentation of chip and fry samples, pressure bruise scoring, black spot bruise screening and storage rot evaluations.  To schedule a tour or to learn more on how we can be of service to you and your organization, call (715-249-5961) or stop by the Hancock Agricultural Research Station at N3909 County Road V, Hancock, WI.

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