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UPDATE: Ireland and Scotland Agriculture Study Tour Specializing in Potatoes

Fred Smith, Oregon State University professor emeritus, and Don McMoran, Washington State University Extension professor invite you to Ireland and Scotland for twelve days of discovery, learning and fun.

Visit potato farms, vegetable farms, packing houses, distribution centers, research stations and growers cooperatives. Learn about potato, fruit and grain production, processing and marketing. Interview growers, processors, experts and folks who love farming.

One of our top visits will be with SASA (Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture), famous for their research on potatoes. We will visit their world class laboratory, glasshouse and experimental farm. Here, more than 100 scientists and their staff work to ensure the quality, safety and security of Scotland’s food supply, and contribute to the quality of the environment.

SASA is well known for developing high quality seeds and tubers, new crop varieties, and pest management systems. It also preserves and maintains a wide range of historic, heritage and other varieties of potatoes, cereals, peas and other crops, and also protects wildlife against poisoning. All this is accomplished via seed testing, crop certification, disease diagnosis, chemical analysis, surveys, training and other services.

A good sampling of Irish and Scottish culture, history, cuisine and scenery is included. We depart June 27, 2016. For a detailed itinerary and enrollment information, contact Frederick J. Smith ([email protected]) today!

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