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USDA Releases 2014 Crop Production Totals for Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Ag Statistics Service has posted its annual crop summary from the 2014 growing year. The figures, which were provided from the USDA, show that Wisconsin farmers harvested about 485 million bushels of corn for grain this past year. This estimate is down two percent from the November 1 forecast, but up 10 percent from 2013. Yield is estimated at 156 bushels per acre, six bushels less than the November estimate, but 11 bushels above 2013. Area harvested for grain is estimated at 3.11 million acres, up 40,000 acres from the November 1 forecast and 80,000 acres above 2013. Corn planted for all purposes was about four million acres, down 100,000 from the November estimate and 100,000 acres below 2013.

Potato production for 2014 is estimated at 27.1 million cwt, up 4 percent from 2013. Yield is estimated at 430 cwt, up 10 cwt from 2013. Planted and harvested acres are estimated at 64,000 acres and 63,000 acres, respectively.

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