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UW Discovery Farms Increasing Nitrogen Use Project

The University of Wisconsin Discovery Farms program has collected two types of soil samples on over 20 farms in seven counties throughout the state. Samples will be used to understand soil health and to estimate the amount of nitrogen available for crop growth in the root zone on farms participating in their new Nitrogen Use Efficiency Project.

All of this is part of a three year long project funded by a Conservation Innovation Grant from the USDA-NRCS that will assist farmers in fine-tuning their cropping systems, making sure they get the most bushels of corn per pound of nitrogen possible.

Later in the season they will collect additional plant and soil samples and field management information. Having a deeper understanding of nitrogen dynamics will allow for more efficient use of nutrients, benefiting both a farmer’s bottom line and state water resources.

In the coming years the project will add additional farms, offer field days to share lessons learned, and develop a project database and online forum to connect farmers across Wisconsin.

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