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UW Weed Experts on Hand at Farm Tech Days

University of Wisconsin-Extension weed specialists will once again be available during Wisconsin Farm Technology Days this year to help growers identify weed species and provide management options. State Weed Specialist Mark Renz says the public can bring their weeds to the show for identification, or determine what weeds they have using a live specimens on display.

“We’ll also have information about glyphosate-resistant weeds which are a major threat to corn and soybean production across the nation,” Renz said. “Some ways to address this issue are using integrated weed management tactics, including diversified herbicide use to manage the onset of glyphosate resistance.”

Weed scientists have identified species of weeds that are of concern of developing herbicide resistance and have found herbicide resistant weeds in Wisconsin. Weed experts can provide advice on best practices for determining if a weed is herbicide resistant and steps to control its spread.

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days will take place July 19-21 at Snudden Farms in Walworth County.

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