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Water Task Force Overspray Initiative Asks For Your Cooperation

The Water Task Force (WTF) of the WPVGA has started a new initiative related to appropriate use of irrigation water.  “Irrigation overspray on roads is an unacceptable occurrence.  One of the most public things we do on the farm is irrigate,” says Mike Copas, RPE.  “We cannot show the public that we are misusing water and irrigation energy,” he adds.

As an industry, it is our responsibility to be leaders in agriculture and maintain appropriate farming practices, creating and maintaining a positive image to the public.

Irrigation overspray is frustrating for drivers, wastes water and energy and also creates a liability should an accident occur.  It casts a poor image on the industry and is a poor practice regarding water use.  The WPVGA and its members work hard to show the public how much Wisconsin farmers care for the environment and prioritize water use in consideration with appropriate production practices.  Irrigation overspray defeats our efforts to overcome public criticism regarding our water use.

If you see irrigation water crossing a road or entering a right-of-way, please notify the WPVGA immediately by calling 715-623-7683.  We will need the location in the form of either a street or road name, or the legal land description.  If you know who the farm operator is, that would be particularly helpful.  We will contact the operator asking that the end gun be turned off and appropriate adjustments be made to the equipment to prevent future occurrences.   If a mechanical problem exists that is beyond the capability of the operator to correct, we will contact a company qualified to make the appropriate repairs if necessary.  All information will remain confidential as WPVGA staff locates the source of the overspray and resolves the issue.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we all move forward and work together for the future success of Wisconsin’s potato and vegetable farmers.  Please contact WPVGA with any questions or concerns.

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