Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

Win Valuable Prizes!

Enter the Giant Potato Contest at the UW Extension and WPVGA Grower Education Conference.

giantGrand prize: Thanks to the generosity of the Gowan Company and John Mohr, the winner of this year’s Giant Potato Contest will receive 90 lbs of Gavel fungicide valued at $700.00! That’s enough fungicide to treat about 45 acres.

gavelThere’s more! The winner also gets a case of good beer, a certificate of accomplishment, and bragging rights for one year.

Rules: The winner will be the person who grows the heaviest single tuber. Last year’s winner was a modest 2 lbs 13 oz. Potatoes must be grown in Wisconsin soil. There are no restrictions on variety or production method. There will be no penalty for ugly tubers or hollow tubers.

Venue: Entries must be brought to the 2015 UW Extension and WPVGA Grower Education Conference by 11:00 AM Wednesday, where official weights will be determined.

For additional information contact Paul Bethke at [email protected].

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