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Wisconsin Potatoes Featured on Mad Dog and Merrill Episode

Who doesn’t like grilling, especially when potatoes are on the menu? This is the 3rd year that Mad Dog and Merrill have showcased Wisconsin Potatoes on their episode menus, and come November 6th, Wisconsin Potato lovers will get the chance to see a whole episode devoted to America’s favorite vegetable from the Badger state, with the backdrop being none other than Lambeau Field!

The episode is a result of the WPVGA Promotions Committee’s sponsorship with Mad Dog and Merrill, the level of which garners 30 minutes centered on several potato recipes and includes segments that incorporate members from across the industry.

This year’s episode was filmed at the Spudmobile promotion event near Lambeau Field just prior to the Packers vs. Bears matchup on Thursday, October 20th. On it you’ll see Promotions Committee Chairman Chris Brooks of Central Door Solutions in Plover, Associate Division Treasurer Casey Kedrowski of Roberts Irrigation in Plover and Registered Dietician Sarah Agena who is helping the Promotions Committee speak with consumers at various promotional events.

Each of them helped Mad Dog and Merrill prepare delicious potato-centered dishes on the grill during their respective filmed segments, which were then taste-tested by others who volunteered to help welcome people to the Spudmobile on that day.

The episode is set to air for a second time on January 22, 2017. For specific channels, check your local listings.

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