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Wisconsin Spudmobile to Roll into Walk Wisconsin Event

Walking is a great way to exercise and something the Stevens Point area encourages every year with the annual Walk Wisconsin event. This year, participants will have a new educational experience to walk into, namely, the Wisconsin Spudmobile.

Wisconsin’s iconic traveling billboard will be parked near the finish line so Walk Wisconsin participants can learn about all the health benefits potatoes can provide active lifestyles!

Going through the Spudmobile and learning about potato nutrition and the growers who provide those potatoes is a great way to finish a nice, long, healthy walk. It’s also the perfect way to get kids involved and encourage healthy food preparation and eating at home.

Potatoes rank at the top of the satiety index scale Rady adds, which means they keep you satisfied. Furthermore, with them being low in calories and nutrient dense, they are a great meal choice for every family.

Participants will choose between the full, ¾, half and ¼ marathon distances which pass through a beautiful scenic route and end in Pfiffner Park in Stevens Point around 6pm. We look forward to seeing you in the Spudmobile when you’re done!

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