Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

Wisconsin Variety Trials Updates – PDF and Interactive Reports

Growers and industry members interested in the variety performance in Wisconsin would like you to know results from the 2018 Wisconsin Variety Trials are available as a pdf document that you can download by clicking here. We have also developed interactive reports in which you can choose your variety of interest and compare it against standard varieties or other varieties by clicking this link to our “Potato Varieties Tuber Bulking-Tier 2 trial“, or by clicking this link to our “Variety x Nitrogen x Spacing Trial-Tier 3 trial“. In 2018, we tested 84 varieties in our general variety trial (Tier 1-pdf document), 42 varieties in tier 2 (Tuber Bulking Trial)  and 28 varieties in tier 3 (Variety x N x Spacing Trials).

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