Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

WPVGA Seeks Participants for Member Development Program

Objective: It is only by preparing members to be effective leaders that the future success of the organization and industry will be realized. The purpose of this program is to provide members of the WPVGA and WPVGA Associate Division with the opportunity to learn about and actively participate in the various facets of the Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Industry by exposing them to relevant information, resources, activities and networking opportunities.

Program Design: The program is designed as a five-month program. One session will be offered each month between the months of November and March. Each session will require approximately five to six hours to complete and will focus on a particular topic or issue relevant to the potato and vegetable growing industry. Preparatory material for each session will be provided prior to the session to enhance the value of each session and/or associated relevant experience. Dates have not yet been finalized as we will try to accommodate the schedules of participants.

Program Participants: 10-20 candidates for the Member Development Program will be approved by the Board of Directors of the WPVGA and the WPVGA Associate Division on the basis of their potential as active participants and future leaders in the potato and vegetable growing industry. Candidates should represent one or more of the following segments of the industry: Chip grower, Seed grower, Process grower, Fresh grower/marketer, Vegetable division grower, any facet of the Associate Division category or the Auxiliary. Candidates should also exhibit a willingness to commit time and effort to prepare for sessions and actively participate in the program. There are no age requirements or restrictions.

Program Costs: Program participants will pay nominal fees ($300 or less) for participation and will be expected to make their own personal arrangements to attend sessions and related activities. Costs associated with conducting the program will be borne by the WPVGA with support provided by the WPVGA Associate Division in keeping with its mission to support the growth and development of the Wisconsin potato and vegetable growing industry. Most sessions will include a free lunch.

All interested candidates should contact WPVGA Executive Director, Tamas Houlihan ([email protected]) or call the office at 715-623-7683.

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