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Vegetable Crop Update #20

August 17th, 2020 | Posted in: Crop Updates, News

Updates provided by Amanda J. Gevens, Chair, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, UW-Madison, Dept. of Plant Pathology and Yi Wang, Assistant Professor & Extension Potato and Vegetable Production Specialist, UW-Madison, Dept. of Horticulture

In this issue I address potato/tomato late blight, potato early blight, and cucurbit downy mildew.

No new findings of late blight in commercial potatoes after the initial Aug 10 detection. Tight fungicide application intervals (~5 day) are advised to maintain management. There was a suspected case of basil downy mildew that passed through the UW Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic this past week. Aug 8-10 were especially promotive to late blight, and other ‘water mold’ diseases including downy mildew, and Phytophthora crown and fruit rot. It’s important to be watchful in crops affected by these devastating diseases.

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