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June 2017 Issue

Wisconsin Sees Healthy Lake Levels

Long Lake

Decisions on water use and high-cap wells should be based on science, not emotion By Joe Kertzman, Managing Editor, Badger Common’Tater It’s time to look at lake levels, especially on the eve of Gov. Scott Walker likely signing into law SB 76, legislation allowing high-capacity…

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Interview with Bill Guenthner

Three Generations of Guenthners

By Joe Kertzman, Managing Editor, Badger Common’Tater “The property that I currently own was purchased by my father, Dwayne, in March of 1959 from Felix Zeloski [a Hall of Fame seed potato grower],” relates Bill Guenthner of Guenthner Farms Inc. “The first year my father…

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Think Inside the Box

Potato Storage Boxes

Could storing potatoes in boxes maximize storage space, and crop quality and condition? By Joe Kertzman, managing editor, Badger Common’Tater, and Carole Metcalfe, marketing manager for Tong Engineering Ltd. With today’s increasingly competitive international marketplace, potato growers and processors are continuously looking at more efficient…

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Salt & Vinegar Caprese Bites

Column and photos by Ali Carter, Vice President, WPGA Auxiliary Sometimes as I wander the grocery store aisles or browse through the rows at farmers’ markets, inspiration will strike me. I love those moments and the way that one little item can spark the thought…

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